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Oh, boy, I am so NOT in board with this.

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Sailor Moon Crystal OP - Moon Pride Movie scenes

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The Pretty Guardian in a Sailor Suit, Guardian of Love and Courage, Sailor Jupiter!

I’ll make you feel so much regret, it’ll leave you numb!

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Reblog if you’re a Ravenclaw.


Wit beyond measure is man’s greatest treasure!

Just taking attendance!

Gryffindor click here

Slytherin x

Hufflepuff x

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I need some more music to listen to


Anything Len Kagamine or 96neko related cause I haven’t listened to them in a while.
I dont mind Len singing english but I don’t prefer it but please give some songs that aren’t popular because I’ve heard most if them but I’m not looking fir duets its ciol uf u kniw sime tell me any way but make sure that they are sung by him I dont care if they are covers just something I havent heard
And for 96neko basically anything thats not on her albums cause I basically memorized those songs

I don’t know if you would be interested in this or not but 96neko has done a cover of Lovelessxxx (one of Len’s VanaN’Ice songs) along side Clear and Pokota.

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I’ve always admired the control that 96neko has over her voice. It’s absolutely amazing how easily she can switch from portraying Ib’s voice then switch to Mary’s and finally Gary’s. Honestly, she one of the nico nico douga vocalists that I admire the most because of that.

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this is me in the top photo. the second photo is me last night.

my name is Heather, I am nineteen years old, broken hearted and broken. my boyfriend did this to me.

if you EVER notice abnormal jealousy or controlling issues with your “man” LEAVE HIM. THINGS WILL NOT GET BETTER WHEN HE DOESN’T KNOW HE’S SICK. i almost lost my fucking life last night to someone who claimed he loved me. 

we were fighting.  arguing. like any normal couple. until i tried running. i was dragged up the stairs by my hair. he started strangling me. so i suggested we take a break. when i said those words, something flipped inside of him.. the look in his kind eyes vanished and all i could see was anger and evilness. he then smashed a milk jug into my face repeatedly until my nose started gushing blood all over the bed. once he saw what he had done, he ran to the bathroom and was screaming ” WHAT THE FUCK DID I JUST DO!!! OH MY GOD!!!! I’M SO SORRY!!! WHAT HAVE I DONE!!!” etc. that was my final chance. i ran downstairs to phone 911 and request an ambulance RIGHT away. as soon as he heard me on the phone he started coming downstairs screaming “DON’T CALL ANYONE” 

i have never been so fucking petrified in my life. and i’ve been to hell and back. as soon as i heard that, i ran outside into the snow banks wearing nothing on my bare feet, jogging pants, and a tank top. i luckily immediately saw two strangers walking across the street, dropped the phone in the snow and ran over to them screaming for help. all they could see was a face covered in tears and blood. one of them instantly pulled out their cell phone and explained the situation to 911. the other sat with my on a set of stairs holding me and comforting me until i flagged down a random black van. he backed up and gave me a ride to the hospital where i was rushed into emerg. 

thankfully, i have no broken bones. i have two black eyes (one is verry swollen.) i have gashes all over my forehead and the hidden parts of my body. i have three sets of stitches. one under my eye, one on the bridge of my nose, and one on the palm of hand. 

up until last night, i wanted to spend the rest of my life with him. i wanted his children, i would do anything to keep him in my life. now i’m terrified of living my own life. i’m terrified of my reflection, i’m terrified of what he’s now going through, and i’m terrified of sleeping. 

i wish i could have seen the signs. 

please reblog, i think every young girl needs to see this. 

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"Wit beyond measure
is man's greatest treasure"

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